Out of Stock? It Might Be Your Employee Payroll — Not Your Supply Chain — That’s to Blame

เรื่องอย่างงี้ก้อน่าจะรู้กันอยู่แล้ว แต่ ดูวิจัยกันเครียดเชียว

According to Netessine, adding employees obviously means there are more people to deliver more products to the store shelves. “Inventory availability is a big driver of sales,” he says. But the study shows that adding employees increases the chance that customers who need help can “find someone who is knowledgeable about product location, pricing, brand comparison. What affects customer satisfaction with the store? The biggest driver was knowledge of employees.”

The study also found that while understaffed stores increased sales by adding staff and that even adequately staffed stores increased sales by reallocating employees to key sales areas, there is a diminishing return to adding or tweaking the staff. “If the current staffing level is low, the gain from adding people is very large; if you are doing a very poor job, you get a huge gain,” says Fisher. “But like everything in life, there is a diminishing return in sales versus level of payroll. It tapers off.”



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